Books, shells and basking sunlight

I experimented with different natural lighting when taking pictures of my favorite books (I highly recommend reading them.) Anyways, the first set of pictures were taken at 9 in the morning on a bench in front of Maloney Hall.


After my class, I returned back to this spot at 12 in the afternoon. However, I didn’t notice any differences.


For the final time, I returned to this spot around 3:30 in the afternoon. This time I noticed deeper shadows.



I also wanted to experiment with lighting inside, rather than just outside. In the following photos, I used two lamp lights I have in my room. I then turned off the lights and opened up the two windows in my room to allow natural lighting. The differences were incredible to look at.

The first is a set of glass jars filled with sea shells and my beloved Uncle John’s paintbrush. The lamps gave the objects a yellow glow, whereas the natural lighting made the pictures look so crisp and clean.



The second set of objects I wanted to experiment with was a globe from Disney World and a miniature glass slipper. I didn’t like the glare from the lamps left, but I thought the dimensions from the natural lighting looked a lot better.



The last set of objects I experimented with was a set of books (I also recommend reading Nicholas Spark books!) Again, I liked how clear the natural light photos looked.



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