A friend, a pal, a ghost



A car can tell a lot about someone. From dice to hula girls, Joshua DiOrio showcases his simple treasures. The dice and the hula girl¬†came from a close relative who gave it to him on Christmas. The beaded shells came from a good friend. His father, had the sign “Gone Fishing Will Reopen 9:00 a.m.”¬†DiOrio put that in his car after his father passed over the summer.



Sometimes he blends in. Sometimes he looks at the wide open spaces. He takes it all in. He’s headstrong and relaxed. He carries the weight of worlds on his shoulders, but he’ll never drop his universe. Persistent, DiOrio takes any challenge.





He vanishes like the exhale of a smoke. I’ve come to grow quiet fond of this shadow. Even when his life is falling all apart, he always seems to have it together. Maybe it’s the born-to-be actor in him. But he’s real life with you. Honest. Blunt. Direct. Take it for what it is, he’ll be straight to the point.



DiOrio faiths and vibes have always been displayed. What used to be the Jesus fish on his back car is now faded memories. But DiOrio never looks in the past, he just keeps driving forward on whatever journey life offers him.




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